Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh Mr. Rogers, It Is Indeed a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Our dock, haven't taken our boat out in forever
The sun is shining, the temperature is near 70º, who could ask for more in mid-January?  Wandered around the back yard, pulled up a couple of oak trees (with my back squealing at me), got the small rake and uncovered more bulbs coming up---more daffodils and some hyacinths--the freesias are up, but not blooming yet, Mac's Fava beans are hanging in there and there's lettuce growing in tubs, too small to eat, but nice to see anyway.  In fact it just feels great to be outside.

Fava Bean
Island in the lagoon out back


  1. Here, withsnow on the ground and freezing temperatures, it is good to see your photographs and read of signs of growth. I know Spring is just round the corner here - but it seems a long walk to that corner.

  2. I'm with Weave on this one. Keep holding out our hope. I must tell you, the live oak picture makes me smile. I remember seeing them first in Louisiana. Like fairy land.

  3. It looks as if your winter has gone on its way. Here in the south of England it is pleasant and we have luckily escaped the snow, but spring has a way to go before she arrives.

  4. No snow here, but it is still bitterly cold, colder than it has been for some time in fact. I wish that I was enjoying all those lovely warm moments with you right now! xx

  5. You warmed me right up, looking at those photos! So envious.


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