Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm Waiting

My computer is due today, UPS is delivering it----some time.  I've checked their site, it went out for delivery at 7 am this morning.  But it didn't get delivered this morning.  Will probably be this afternoon, probably during Happy Hour---that's what we call our afternoon nap.
I can hear the clock ticking, I wish they'd get here.


  1. Have your nap - you're sure to hear the doorbell. Enjoy :))

  2. I hate it when I learn online that a delivery left a depot early that the morning. It happened to me last week on a day I planned to go out. In the end I went and left a note on my door asking that it be left it in the porch. On my return home the computer said it had been delivered but the porch was bare. The chap had thrown it over the side gate into the garden. Luckily it hadn't rained and it was only a suitcase which get thrown about by the airlines anyway.

  3. A watched pot. Don't you have a computer corner to clean, or something.

  4. Hope it arrived safely and you can use it easily. (I have recently had a new one and it took some getting used to).


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