Thursday, January 1, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm joining in with Amy (and others, check the list at the bottom) at Love Made My Home for the very first Five on Friday of 2015.
We live in an area in Georgia known at Red Bird Creek, named for the beautiful red cardinals that live here year round.  Since we've moved here I acquired a few things that have these lovely birds on them and they will be my Five on Friday.

First is a pair of paintings Mac painted for me to hang in our entryway.

Next is a set of small glasses Mac gave me for Christmas one year.

This year April gave me a set of cups with my cardinals on them.

Mac and April were thinking on the same line and both gave me Cardinal dishes
this year, one to holds bits of this and that, one to hold a tealight.

And lastly this gorgeous plate

That's my five, check out the other ladies and see their five.

Wendy from September Violets
Leanne from Today's Stuff
Alison from Saver of Suburbia


  1. All of your Cardinal items are so lovely!! I like the pictures that Mac painted best of all - of course!! Thank you for joining in! I hope you have a great weekend. xx

  2. The cardinals do make lovely decorations. We don't have those colourful red birds here.

  3. What a lovely collection..the paintings are extra special!
    Jane x

  4. What a wonderful bird the Cardinal is. I love all your related items especially the paintings:)

  5. I love the cardinals that make a winter day. I spotted the nest of a pair of them last spring and am looking forward to learning if I can find them up in that pine tree this spring.

  6. That's a great way to share your five. Each is so lovely on its own...and a delightful collection.

  7. We have Cardinals here to and among all the green they stand out.
    The painting are lovely.

    cheers, parsnip


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