Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cat Among

Well, not among the pigeons, but rather the Christmas cacti.  My big cactus has not done well this year and we made the decision to repot it.  We figured that it probably wouldn't bloom after that, but it has put out a few blossoms.  To inspire it Mac gave me an early Christmas present, a new cactus.  It's doing well and the one in the laundry room is getting ready to blossom too.
Finally finished crocheting a small project and if I were not so ADD it would have been done weeks ago.
Beautiful weather, near 80º, not very Christmasy, but rather nice anyway.
Starting to count the hours till our daughter gets here, it's a long way from Japan, bless her for making the journey.
Amy at Love Made My Home wrote about JOY today and I told her that having our daughter come home for Christmas is what brings JOY to us, that's all we need to make our Christmas complete.


  1. Christmas cactus are beautiful. We have two in full bloom right now. My cat used to systmaticallly break off leaves, becacause he could. He's left them alone this year and they look very happy.

  2. I wish I could keep a Christmas cactus alive. That yours are still going at all makes me pretty envious! :)

  3. I have made that trip many times !
    Happy she will be with you for Christmas.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I am sure that it will be wonderful and joyful! I hope that your older cactus will feel the joy of having a new friend and will flower lots too! xx


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