Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts

Wrapping Christmas presents for shipping, takes forever. Destroyed one roll of shipping tape; never, never, buy cheap tape, you'll curse it in the end.  As I sat there wrapping random thoughts ran through my head.
Would you believe we had a passenger behind us on one of our flights who used their cell phone during our flight twice?  He did it when the flight attendants had to take their seats.  Were his calls important?  No!  As all the people around him can attest to that, they were boring.  Should have reported him, but hey, it was Thanksgiving, so I didn't.
In August on a flight the lady in front of us asked for 2 blankets, unwrapped them and put them in her purse.  Not much of a LADY and certainly old enough to know better.
Loads of kids on our flights, most really well behaved, God bless their parents.  But on one  flight we had a screamer.  It was so loud and piercing it actually hurt my ears.  I got my MP3 player out and played it as loud as I could and still heard them.
Note to parents, you have a choice about flying, your kids don't, and frequently they don't like it at all.  So ask yourself, "Do I really need to make this trip?" Sometimes we just have to give things up when we become parents.
When we have time between flights we always go to the Delta Clubs at the airport, they're a nice quiet place to pass time.  The one in Memphis was gorgeous!  We had bagels, orange juice and coffee, all complimentary.  The drinks were complimentary too, but it was 7 am, I don't drink in the morning.
Very damp here today and the rain has finally started.  My old back is a moaning, does not appreciate this kind of weather at all, so it has been liberally spread with Ben Gay and I'll sleep with a heating pad this afternoon.  It felt better after I exercised, but sometimes I have to sit down and get some work done and it doesn't like that.
Mac's guitar is due in today, yeah.
And we'll be getting our Christmas tree tomorrow.  We always get a real one, but each year it has gotten smaller and smaller.  Mac has brought my tubs of Christmas decorations down and hopefully I'll get started soon.

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  1. My kids and I flew a lot together since my parents lived a couple thousand miles away. I was lucky -- never once did I have a screaming baby! I always feel as badly for the parents as the crying kid as they must me at their wit's end.
    I can't imagine what anyone would want those thin little airline blankets for.
    Hope your back feels better! The weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow.

  2. We had some real charmers on our most recent flight! Some people really are unbelievable aren't they. You do wonder about them.... xx

  3. One of the last flights I took had a kid from hell and the attendant just smiled and talked to them. We were in first class
    and she brought the two brats up to join the Father and older daughter. The youngest crawled over the seats and was a huge pest. Making noise the whole 3 hours.
    I didn't say anything but next time I will. I payed more for a comfortable seat when they lucked out and I had to listen to the brat.
    I took all my children on long flights and they behaved.
    So many people should not have children ever !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. We once had the opportunity to spend time in the QANTAS club at LAX and it was incredible. We'd been given a free upgrade to first class because of a mechanical problem that made us miss our flight to New Zealand (to visit my in-laws, who live there). We had several hours to kill in the airport so they told us to make ourselves comfortable in the club. was luxurious. I'll always remember that it was the first time I ever saw, or ate, caper berries. They were so exotic.

  5. As you say children don't have any choice about whether to fly or not, and sometimes I really feel for them. Their ears often cannot take the aircraft pressure especially if they have even a slight ear infection. Usually when they scream it is due to being in terrible pain, and I cannot understand why their parents would put them through such agony.

  6. Maybe that's why the Delta club provides liquor at 7 am - to anesthetize flyers for those screaming babies.

  7. I've been to airport clubs once or twice when flying with my nephew, who has a gazillion flyer miles. They're pretty nice.

    For noisy flights, two words: Bose headphones. They have a noise-cancelling feature that is amazing - you can even turn it on without any music. When I flew with my nephew to England the flight attendants handed them out in business class (unfortunately they collected them all again at the end of the flight).

    I told my guitarist boss about Mac's guitar and he said "Nice! I have two Gibsons...." :D

  8. I wouldn't think free liquor would mix with flying for anyone. As for the children, have you ever had a tiny ear infection and when you fly it feels like your head is being ripped apart? I have and thought I was going to die. Parents need to be educated about what happens to their kids ears on planes....but I am just an old woman what do I know:)

  9. We never seem to have the miles to do any of those clubs--I am jealous!!!
    That is incredible about that woman who took the blanket! Wow.
    I once told a guy off for talking on his phone - beggars belief. My brother is a great believer is just saying very loudly: "Scuse me sir you're creating a security risk.' Works

  10. I've never had a screaming baby o my flights but once was a baby in the train and that was just a mad situation cause everyone were just going crazy, as well as the baby too, but the parents had no problems at all and didn't even manage to calm down their child.


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