Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just Some Thoughts on Saturday

A bit of cleaning, a bit of crocheting, a bit of trying to find  a gift I'd lost ( Mac found it in a box I'd put to throw out), a bit piano playing---no I haven't mastered Pachelbel yet--, some exercising, some fighting with the cat who wants to go outside and won't take no for an answer.

I'm unhappy with auto-correct right now, well, I'm never completely happy with it, but it really ticked me off this time.  I tried to send a message to Amy at Love Made My Home telling her I appreciate our bloggy friendship and auto-correct kept changing it to bloody.  It'll probably change it again in this piece too.

I believe I've mentioned that we live in a swamp and as a consequence our house can be damp at times even when it's not raining.  This year has been particularly bad so we broke down and bought a dehumidifier.  It has sucked gallons of water out of our bedroom over the last week or so, amazing.
I thought we might have to run it in the kitchen too, the pantry door was swollen and a bugger to open and shut.  But Mac planed it down and it's better.
I was also having trouble with the salt shaker, the dampness made it clog up.  I tried putting rice in it to absorb some of the moisture, but it didn't help.
Mac was using a wooden toothpick to unclog the holes in the shaker and the toothpick fell in.  Since then the salt has been fine.  How weird is that?
It's a beautiful day here, well up in the 70's and more of the same forecast for tomorrow, hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. I thought you were joking about being in a swamp, but appears you're not kidding. Hope it dries out soon.

  2. I bet the wooden tooth pick absorbs extra moisture! The weather is far above average here, and much appreciated.

  3. I'm really enjoying the weather this month! Now if the mosquitoes would just go away! How do you keep leather and even things like nylon (or whatever that material is!) backpacks from getting mildew on them in the closets? All our closets even have louvre doors! This is new to me, never happened to me Up North. Not happy about it either!

  4. We're talking dehumidifier here, that's the only answer.


  5. That made me chuckle when auto correct changed bloggy to bloody!

  6. I've heard that a dried pea in the salt shaker absorbs the moisture.

  7. Who knew, a toothpick to sort out the salt! I need to try that with my lemon pepper! The autocorrect thing was funny, at least we could both laugh about it hey! xx

  8. I find it amazing and very exotic that you live in a swamp, though I am sure it has its little tribulations (such as the damp). You've just invented a new household 'wrinkle' with the salt and the cocktail stick and I'll remember that one, should I ever need it!

  9. We have two dehumidifiers and they've made our house so much more comfortable and saved hugely on our heating bills. I measured how much water they collect and its 10 litres per day. I was amazed at that!


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