Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lazy Week

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always a slow, easy week.  Time for reflection, planning, a bit of cleaning.
Our daughter is safely back in Japan, with no particular help from United from whom she'd bought her ticket.  As I last reported they cancelled her flight, set it up for her to fly to Washington D.C. and catch a flight with ANA.  Well when we got her to the airport Saturday night they would only book her bags to D.C., this did not bode well, but we'd booked her a room at the Westin and she'd get a night's sleep before the next leg.  Of course she'd have to lug all of her bags around.
Next morning bright and early she was at the ANA counter, of course they had no idea what was going on.  But she was polite, showed them the itinerary from United, they called United and got it straightened out.  Fourteen hours later she was home in Fukuoka.  Bless her heart for making that journey for us, it wouldn't be Christmas without her.
Since then we've frozen the left overs and gone to the commissary to load up on lighter meals.
Today I tackled the room where everyone did their package wrapping.  I got all the bags put up, threw out the unusable ones, threw out the broken candles, put up the glitter and threw out a ton of trash.
In addition I did something sad, I packed up some of my bears, it was time, there are just too many of them and I'm passing them on in hopes they find another home.  They're in bags and I told Mac not to look at them, it would be too sad.
Soon I'll start packing up Christmas itself.  I've ordered a load of plastic boxes and I swear I'm going to be much more organized about this, but not till after New Years.
The sun is shining, the temperature is 83┬║ and I'm ready for winter, please.


  1. Oh no, I'd be sad packing up the bears too. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas and that your daughter was able to join you. Wishing you all the very best for 2016.

  2. All in all another good Christmas, and then the usual clean up. Happy new year.

  3. Glad you had a good time and that your daughter got home safely. It is sad about your bears, but I do understand, we are - for my mind - rather overrun with softies, but someone - not me! - is reluctant to let them go. I am sure that yours will be well loved in their new homes and that they will arrive there full of love. xx

  4. So happy your daughter came to visit.
    I despise United, they used to be a good airlines but now they are a mess.
    Sometimes you have to fly with them but when you see how ANA, JAL and EVA treat you you have to wonder what the heck is United problem.
    Lucky for me once I can get to LA I can fly ANA direct to Osaka.

    I am doing a little clean up but since my Birthday is 4 January I usually clean up everything I can and leave the tree and my small amount of decorations up till the Polish, Trzech Kroli, Epiphany 6 January to mark when The Three Wise men visited baby Jesus.
    Decoration clean up fast so it is really no problem.

    Have a lovely quiet week.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  5. You've been busy too. My dearest helped me and we took one room at a time, and now the decorations are packed away for another year, the the house is clean from top to bottom. I love going into a new year with a clean house. No guarantee it will stay that way...HaHa.

  6. I will start clean up tomorrow, no guarantees when it will be done. I guess there is no rush. Glad your daughter got home safely:)

  7. So sad about the bears but I'm sure they will go to new and loving homes. I have my childhood bears (3) and a couple of others still at home. If was wonderful of your daughter to travel to be with you at Christmas and it sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. I'm glad her journey back to Japan was fairly calm and uneventful:)

  8. I think I'm going to try and be more organised next year too! All the best for 2016.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Wishing you both a wonderful 2016 - it must be difficult when your daughter departs back to Japan, but I am so pleased that you all spent a very happy Christmas together.


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