Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Break in the Weather

Finally a break in the weather.  The whole month of July was in the 90's including a couple of days at 100º.  But yesterday it rained, a big, fat thunderstorm that dropped our temperatures to the 70's.  It would be glorious if not for the fact that rain brings higher humidity.  It is August though, so I'll just grin and bear it.
It was cool enough for us to do our morning walking so I only have to do one set of Aerobics instead of two, that's nice.
Watched a funny movie this week Hail, Cesar by the Coen Brothers.  A homage to early movies and it was fun to try and match the scene in the movie  to the movie it was playing off of.  Scarlett Johansson as Esther Williams was a hoot.
This week is one of doctor visits, yesterday for 6 month check-up, that went well, and tomorrow the Dermatologist and that means that parts of me will be burned off and some possibly sliced off.  Are we having fun yet.  I wasn't  a sun worshipper when young, yet here I am with lots of sun damage.  Of course a good part of my genetic heritage is Irish and the Irish grow skin cancers recreationally.
I have several craft projects planned, I just waiting for Amazon to get my supplies to me.
I sold a painting last week, shock, excitement, pride.  Mac has sold 7 in the last month, but this was my first sale in a while.  Just a small painting, but I'm so pleased.
Clothes hanging out on the line, so humid I don't know if they'll dry and bread in the bread maker, it's a good Tuesday.


  1. The painting is lovely, I can see why someone wanted to buy it. Good luck at your doctor visit tomorrow, my dad had to have bits sliced off his face, it's horrifying what damage the sun can do, yet people are still happy to lay on a beach without any protection.

  2. I do love your painting! Hope all goes well at the Dr. Take good care. xx Karen

  3. So happy to hear you had a break in the weather. Your painting is so lovely. I'm excited to hear about your new project. Take care, Pat xx

  4. Hope your appointments went well. Old age brings lots of challenges.
    Hooray for you selling a painting! :)

  5. Wonderful painting.
    Nice to hear you have had a break in the awful weather.
    We are getting lots of rain but also lots of damage.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  6. Well done on selling the painting! Hope all goes well at the doctor's, not fun having bits of you removed.

  7. Glad it is cooling down for you. Your painting is lovely, I d' happily hang it on my gallery wall x

  8. I see all the people still soaking up the sun nowadays and wonder what they are thinking. Don't they read??! My Scandinavian heritage means I have had fun of having several those pre cancerous spots burned off, too. I love your painting. Congrats on the sale.

  9. How exciting to sell the painting! Here with the low humidity and the heat, I can hang up something to dry and within hours it is dry.


  10. Well done on the sales, both of you! Weather over here is windy but sunny, for which I am thankful as humidity just floors me.

  11. How lovely that you had a sale on one of your paintings ...

    All the best Jan

  12. Wow, how exciting to have sold a painting! Congratulations. Also to Mac, though it sounds like he sells them all the time and is probably quite blasé about it.... :)

    I dread the onset of skin cancer. We're pretty fair-skinned in my family, with lots of Celtic blood, and it's only a matter of time I'm sure. My dad is constantly having things frozen or sliced off. But I see from your next post (which I read just now) that your appointment went okay. No slicing is good, right?

    We loved "Hail, Caesar!" So quirky and offbeat - typical Coen brothers in light-fantastic mode - and the costumes were wonderful. I loved how the "fixer" turns out to be a regular family guy at home. The Esther Williams scenes were hilarious, and I think that sailor musical take-off was very slyly funny. Is there a movie they were parodying there?

    One more comment on your previous post - it made me homesick for London! We had some great Spanish food in Islington on my first visit there in 2004. Can't remember the restaurant name, but it was just a block or two from the Angel tube station, and across the street from the S & M Cafe, where I had my first-ever Full English Breakfast. Gotta get back to Blighty.


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