Monday, January 30, 2017

A Promotion

Yesterday my sous chef took over the kitchen and fixed lunch.  He made a specialty of his, pork ribs broiled in the oven with potatoes, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.  It was delicious!  Today the sous chef was promoted to plumber.  He changed the faucet in the kitchen and then put new peel and stick tile under the sink.  Multi-talented.

While that was going on I used Mop and Glow on the bedroom floors to make them shine again.  Then for lunch I made Weight Watchers Individual Chicken Pot Pies---they were so good.
Chilly here today, temperatures only in the 50's and windy, but a warm-up is coming.  I have Freesia bulbs, Nasturiums and Peas to plants, but I'm a fair weather gardener so I'm looking forward to a little more warmth.


  1. The ribs look so wonderful.
    Lucky you.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. And we had a snow day today, and probably one tomorrow.

  3. Those kind of days, just doing the simple things of life and household, are so good. It's been cold and snowy here, winter at last!

  4. My mouth actually watered at the thought and sight of those ribs. I wish I had a sous chef!

  5. I hope you get that warmer weather soon so you can get planting bulbs. It sounds as if you are both multi-talented where houshold jobs are concerened:)

  6. So it's time to plant peas? We worked in the yard most of the day, cutting back the jungle, weeding, raking, etc. isn't it wonderful to have a multi-talented spouse in the house?

    1. Could have planted them months ago, just didn't get around to it, they're one of the winter crops down here.

  7. So good to have your own personal chef and plumber ...

    Happy planting ... when the time is right!

    All the best Jan


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