Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Runaround Tuesday

We always try to combine errands so we're not running to town everyday.  It's 8-10 miles to town from our place , depending on where we're going exactly,  and being the thrifty soul that I am we try to combine errands  to save some gas.  So today was runaround day.  First to the bank for both deposits and withdrawals, then to have the oil changed in my car and the tires rotated.  While that we being done we did a walk in the city park that was nearby.  Nice walk except that it was warm so I tied my jacket around my waist and somewhere along the way it fell off and even though we went back later to rewalk where we thought I'd lost it, we couldn't find it.  Oh well, it was about 15 years old so I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth out of it.
We picked up the car, dropped off some donations at Goodwill and picked up some items at the Dollar store.  From there it was off to the grocery store.  All done!
Mostly, except for loss of jacket, a nice day.
Some pictures from our walk.  The city park was made from part of the old Henry Ford Plantation.  It has the remains of his rice fields and all the water around them.

One of my favorite signs.

Think these are raccoon tracks.


  1. Such a shame about your jacket. We have also started to combine errands to cut down on costs, fuel prices here in the UK are on the up once again.

  2. Oh lord! Snakes and alligator sign would scare me away forever.

  3. What a pretty place to take a walk, though I would be looking out for snakes/alligators :) Always good to get as many errands done as possible to save gas. Sounds like it was a pretty full day!


  4. Time to treat yourself to a new jacket I think. Love the park pictures. So different to our parks. No alligators :) B x

  5. The paw prints would worry me if I was walking there. Sorry to hear about the lost jacket. Sounds as if someone got a freebie!

  6. Sounds like a busy day, shame about the jacket, I hope whoever picked it up will appreciate it:)

  7. You are brave to live (and walk) where snakes and alligators flourish!

    We try to run lots of errands whenever we go to Madison (about a half-hour away), with the result that we don't enjoy the trips very much because they're too packed with chores. If it were 10 miles away it would be better. (Or not - because then we might go too often.)

    Bummer about the jacket!

    P.S. Beautiful header painting. :)

  8. Shame about your jacket, I hope that someone rescued it and is making use of it.

  9. It does make sense to do as many errands as possible.
    Sounds as if it could be time for a new jacket, I wonder what colour and style you may choose?

    All the best Jan

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  11. I wouldn't walk anywhere near that sign! We do the same thing with errands one day a week to do them all. I hate going to town so one day works for me:)


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