Saturday, July 29, 2017

10 Random Things on a Saturday

Yesterday Amy at Love Made My Home posted a 10 Random Things on Friday and said we could join in.  Well I'm feeling pretty random so I'll join in.

First of all is the weather.  As summers go in the south this hasn't been a particularly hot one.  More days in the 80's than the 90's.  But oh it's been humid, some days sitting at 99% humidity according to our barometer and today is one of those days.

Second, We were supposed to paint Miss Kitty's bathroom today, but after breakfast when we were supposed to get started we looked at each other and collectively said, "NO", neither of us was in the mood for painting.

Third Fat Bottomed Girls (by Queen)  to Long Cool Woman  in a Black Dress ( by The Hollies) was the gamut on my MP3 player yesterday when I worked out.  And I'm much closer to being a fat bottomed girl than a long cool woman.

Fourth, we saw Queen years ago when Freddie Mercury was still alive, quite a show.

Fifth, Cleaning old meat out of the freezer and making a pork stew, added a ham hock for Mac, I don't particularly like them, but he's not crazy about zucchini and I put some of that in so it all balances out.

Sixth, Got a card from my husband's cousin Isabel, she's the only person who ever writes to us.  She's 85 and still traveling the world.  She's getting ready to fly from San Francisco to Toronto, Canada and on to Venice, Italy where she with join her cruise ship to cruise the Adriatic and  at the end of the cruise she's going to spend some time in Athens, Greece.  She is amazing.  Mac wondered how much luggage she takes with her because she is the most elegant lady we know.

Seventh I picked up a new shade of blonde to color my hair, will be doing it tomorrow.  Hope it's not too light, but I need to color that gray some way.  I can live with wrinkles, my eye sight is so bad I hardly see them, but gray hair is another story.

Eighth I've stopped doing German on Duolingo, I'm tired of sorting out the Der, Die, Das.  Instead I'm working on my Spanish as a trip to Spain seems to be in our future.  I appreciate that if you have to have gender articles you should give me a clue to which to use.  I appreciate that Spanish says, with some exceptions, if it ends in o it's masculine, if it ends in a it's feminine.  If I were in charge of languages I'd have one word for the, whether it was masculine, feminine, neuter or plural.

Ninth I'm reading a book, Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray, set in an expensive Irish boy's school.  It keep alternating between being quite funny and quite depressing.  I don't know which will win out in the end.

Tenth We're almost through July, most of the way through summer, except that summer lasts through October here.  Oh well, it was nice swimming this morning and I realized that they are only 149 days till Christmas.

If you're feeling random join in.


  1. Wow, I loved reading this and you've inspired me to write my own ten random things. We had a bit of humidity this past week in the 60% and I kind of enjoyed it with the cloud cover. Luckily, it cooled off at night. Enjoy your weekend dear friend! Pat xx

  2. 1. Meeting Meanqueen tomorrow.
    2. Cleaned radiators today.
    3. Hooked on My Little Farmies tycoon games app.
    4. Steve Seagull is watching me through the loft window.
    5. It's warm here but threatening rain.
    6. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.
    7. Just washed my hair.
    8. Just backed up my computer.
    9. I like my hair grey.
    10. Have just enjoyed typing out 10 random things this Saturday.

  3. Not sure I needed to know number 10 thank you :). Like your choice of music for your work outs. Bet that Queen concert was wonderful :). B x

  4. 1.Did loads of gardening today,cutting back shrubs etc.
    2.Because of the above I shall probably be very stiff tomorrow.
    3.While doing 1 lots of neighbours came out for a chat.
    4.Again ,because of 1 I had to have a little nap this afternoon.
    5.Still thrilled with the Welsh Gold pendant my OH bought for me yesterday.
    6.He also ought me some flowers.(we have been married for 50 years)
    7.I love my white hair.I had it cut yesterday and the hairdresser kept saying how lovely it was.
    8.Our son,his wife and three children flew to the USA last Wednesday for a holiday for two weeks.They flew from London Heathrow to Los Angeles but I have no idea where they are now.
    9.Matt,please text us mad share your holiday with us.
    10. I have short listed some Caribbean cruises in November but havn'T told OH!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the day.Barbarax

  5. I like Isabel. I'm looking into under the seat sized bags.

  6. Enjoyed seeing your ten. My 10 all have to do with painting things, so 1 thru 10 = I painted, distressed, waxed and dark waxed.

  7. I rather enjoyed Skippy Dies, I listened to it a good while ago. I hope you'll enjoy it more than you find it depressing. Funny you mention gender articles. I miss those in English, growing up speaking German, they make perfect sense to me :-)
    Hope it cools down for you. x

  8. No! How can there be 149 days until Christmas! Didn't we just celebrate it?? Every once in a while we do clean out the freezer. Its amazing when we open a plastic container and can't remember what was in it :)


  9. Whoops, I like grey hair. It softens the face, so they say.

  10. Hot and humid here too which is not good for folks with asthma. Time is flying by here too. They have Halloween decorations in the stores already.

  11. I never was a long, cool woman and to be honest have always been much more like the other one you mention, I don't have to type the words, do I? LOL.
    I am with you on the grey hair...let's not get older, let's just get blonder! :-)

  12. Great to read your random 10! Far more interesting than mine were. Thank you for linking. Hope you enjoy the last day of July!

  13. wow quite a business here ,but that is what life is all about isn't it?

    Moods are silly states of mind and they often try to slow me down in my daily chores too .
    you have outstanding place!

  14. Even some Germans have trouble sorting out the der, die, das. I have to ask someone what the correct article is for those new words that didn't exist in German when I left there almost 30 years ago. Is it der/die/das Download, der/die/das Internet?

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