Thursday, December 17, 2009

State of The Janet

It's a beautiful winter, almost, day and I thought I'd do a state of the Janet report.
I just finished reading "The Gathering Storm" by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson which I enjoyed thoroughly, more than the last 3 or 4 Robert Jordan books and I'm starting "The Middle Window" by  Elizabeth Goudge, originally published in 1938, it is a beautifully written little book, as are all of hers, I love her use of language.
Last watched on t.v.,  MythBusters, they are an absolute hoot.  Last DVD we've watched is  "Cranford" a wonderful British short series full of extremely talented British character actors, not the least of whom is Judi Dench.
Last shopping, ordering Christmas dessert plates, Christmas salt and pepper shakers, easier to buy new than try to resurrect the old ones,  and new salad forks, Mac likes small forks, hates long dinner ones.  My regular Christmas shopping is all done and wrapped.
Last activity: baking Christmas cookies, sugar ones and Spanish Wedding cookies, though technically not Christmas cookies I wanted to make Spanish cookies and all the recipes called for lard or shortening and I just couldn't do it.
Wearing, most of the ingredients for Christmas cookies.
Next activity, cleaning up the mess that is now my kitchen.  I'm not the world's neatest cook.
Tonight's plan, watch football.

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