Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sun, The Sun, The Sun!

After days of misty rain, pouring rain, drizzling rain, fog, overcast skies and gloomy enough weather to make me think I was living in Germany again, and where I spent one of the coldest summers of my life, the sun is finally shining.  I know it won't last, they've forecast a 70% chance of rain today, but for now it is warm, around 70 degrees and sunny.  I feel like I ought run outside and do one of Snoopy's dances of joy.  But unfortunately the ground is so saturated that my yard is underwater and my dance would probably turn into a swandive, and given my lack of coordination would not end well.
We live in a swamp, and I accept that it's going to be wet here, but right now they say we're running about 10 inches above normal in percipitation, and that's way too much.  On our daily walk we go over a wooden bridge that crosses the lagoon and the wood is so wet it feels like you're walking on ice, very scary, because, as noted above my coordination leaves a lot to be desired.  I've been known to trip over the electric light beams in automatic doors!   I need dry terrain in order  to get around safely.  So I guess I'll  stay inside and enjoy the play of sunlight across  my dusty tables.

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  1. ROFL at you doing a swan lake interpretation! That's something I would pay to see. It's been really foggy here, too. They keep saying it's going to rain, but so far nothing really to speak of. It was like 65 today..too warm for Christmas.


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