Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Christmas

Woke early like a bunch of kids and started with our Christmas stockings and worked our way through masses of gifts, fun, fun, fun.  April and I, independently, came up with the idea to make calendars with personal pictures on them.  April went the whole way and made her calendar, I uploaded my  pictures and had a company make mine.  Loved the ones I made and loved even more the ones she made for us.  She also made us shadow boxes representing our interests.  Mac's had a guitar, paintings and paints and his pub.  Mine had a keyboard, my paintings, my favorite book Pride and Prejudice and fairies.  She always says she's not crafty, but she really is, and very imaginative. 

 In addition to those handmade gifts she made Mac butter cookies which he adores and a decoupaged sign for his pub.  She hand made me a pillow that she stenciled  a fairy on. 
Mac always surprises me with handmade gifts, giving me his version of solar snowmen, a ducktape bear (don't ask), and a beautiful Christmas firescreen. 

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas, we ate too much food, watched way too many episodes of Mythbusters and had a wonderful time.  I wish Christmas could happen more than once a year.

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