Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Joys of Christmas

For me the major joy of Christmas is having my daughter April here.  She really is the only present I want each year.  It's so good having her home.  We sit and talk for hours about books, authors, movies, she quickly looks things up on the laptop to settle any question we have about who wrote what, who starred in what and what kind of a review did that get.
She took over the cooking of the experimental gumbo yesterday when I had a kitchen accident and it was wonderful, no,  better than wonderful, better than we've eaten in any restaurant.  She also made cream puffs this week and they melt in your mouth.  It has been great cooking with her, I can't remember doing that with her when she lived at home.  Tomorrow we'll do the pumpkin pie (a frozen one) and the blackberry cobbler (from scratch).
She has to leave the day after Christmas, cats, work and other needs call, and   I'll miss her more than I can say, but right now it's just incredible having her here.

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  1. Enjoy being together and have a Merry Christmas! The cream puffs sound wonderful. We bought ours at Wal-Mart (you know, the place where evil dwells!)


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