Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Three days after Christmas and all through the house, 
Candles and ribbons and garlands have all come down. 
The tree is unlit, the baubles stored away,
Nutcrackers back in boxes to await another day. 
Santa and his sleigh, elves and reindeer,
Stuffed in the closet to wait for next year.
The sugar cookies are all eaten, the candy as well,
Rest of the lamb is frozen, the fruitcake was a hard sell.
So Christmas is gone, packed away for a year,
Soon the bills will be coming in, oh dear.
It was fun, what a delight, from my duct tape bear
to all the colored lights,
Well I'm out of rhythm, I'm out of rhyme, 
So I'll wrap up this ditty, just close out this line.
To friends far and near, I hope your Christmas was bright and clear,
I'll end this now by just saying, "Happy New Year!"

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