Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yes They're a Little Bit Strange

For years I've been buying gardening gloves: cheap ones, expensive ones, cute ones, pairs guaranteed to fit like a second skin.  But after a few wearings they all ended up in the garage collecting cobwebs and other interesting things.  They didn't feel right, they weren't like a second skin and when I'm gardening I need something that lets me feel the soil, the seeds, the weeds.  If I'm hoeing or digging or raking I can wear a heavier glove, but not for the down on the ground work I do most of the time.
So last year I got a bright idea, I bought cheap, disposable plastic gloves and they're wonderful.  No more ant bites, no more peeling my gloves off so I can sow seeds, no more pulling up plants when I meant to grab a weed.  Two or three wearings and I throw them away and grab a new pair.  I'm not usually in favor of disposable objects but this works so well I do it.  After all I was disposing of my "real" gardening gloves every year.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a gardening glove wearer either,I like to feel the earth on my hands and only wear gloves if I'm dealing with something really prickly. Good idea to wear disposable plastic ones though.


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