Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project Runway

Project Runway is back!  It started Thursday night with a 90 minute show, don't know if the rest of them will be that long, but I liked the extended length.  I don't watch much reality tv, Project Runway and Top Chef are about it.  And I love Runway!  Is it because I'm so into fashion I ask as I sit here in my ratty old shorts.  Is it because I spend thousands on clothes each year?  Is it because I know all the latest designers, the latest looks and subscribe to all the fashion magazines. NO! NO! NO!
It's simply that Project Runway is good tv.  I love Heidi Klun, love it when she tells someone the outfit they've designed is "butt ugly" or when she says there's too much boob showing.  Heidi is hilarious.
I love Tim Gunn the mentor for the show, he's so unflabble, well usually, Thursday he about had a heart attack because one of the designers design about left the model naked.  His line, "Make it work" has almost become a cliche.
I like the judges Michael Kors, an outstanding designer himself,  and Nina Garcia, editor of Marie Claire magazine, they're  great judges, they know what they like, what's good, what's trendy, what's dated and what will sell.  Always enjoy their opinions.
And the contestants, well some years are better than others and it looks like they've got an interesting crop this year.  It is a kick to see what they can design from little or nothing (sometimes produce, once the news paper, once the interior of a car) in such a short space of time.
Project Runway is so good that I've got my husband hooked on it and he truly doesn't give a d**n about fashion, Tim Gunn is his favorite.
So if you've never watched it give it a try, it's on the Lifetime channel on Thursdays at 9pm EST, and if you're familiar with it, sit back,  relax and enjoy the ride.

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  1. We get it over here ...we are just finishing a series ...your last I expect.I love it ..I too do not spend on or wear, up to date fashions faithful joggers have seen better days lol.... but I love seeing what they come up with. Sometimes I wonder how they got so far ... often churning out 'done before' pieces badly constructed.


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