Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Bye Christmas

I've spent the morning "undecorating" the house, I put that in quotation marks because Blogger says there's no such word.  All the candles, wreaths, candle rings, Nutcrackers, Christmas pillows and ornaments are put up for a new year.  The tree we'll drag out tomorrow.  The left-overs are in the freezer and the refrigerator is actually looking a little bare.
I thought I might have a bit of a letdown after our daughter left, but though I'll miss her,  I have a bunch of projects lined up, but a serious housecleaning has to take place before that can happen.
My favorite appliance (NOT!), my washing machine, tried to die this morning, but seems to have settled down.  We replaced the agitator in it when it was less than 2 years old and the lid is trying to rust away, but I'd like to get another year out of it because we promised ourselves a new stove for the new year and I'd hate to have to buy a washing machine instead.  Except for my dryer all of my appliances are Frigidaire and very poor quality for what should be mid-range appliances.
Hard to see the design, but it's beautiful
I have a load of Christmas presents I finally have time to play with and admire.  Both my husband and my daughter gave me a load of homemade presents, and to me, that's the best kind.  My daughter bought vintage Kimono silk and made me a gorgeous runner to put on a table, it's in luscious shades of orangey gold, can't wait till Autumn to use it.  She also made me the sweetest little bear out of more vintage Kimono  silk, he's sitting in my craft room so I'll be able to see him a lot.
My husband made me a reindeer and Christmas tree to go in the yard and gave me 2 more Nutcrackers for my collection--one is a pirate nutcracker!  I forgot to take pictures of them before I packed them away.  He also had note pads made for me with my own little drawings on it.
I also got more chocolate, even homemade chocolate, than I will ever need, notice I didn't say want.  I love chocolate but the two of us can't live in the same house, one of us will have to go and so I figure the chocolate's days are numbered.
I'm working on my New Year's Resolutions now, I want realistic ones so I'm giving them a lot of thought.
It's supposed to warm up here this week, going from a high of only in the 40's for Monday to the low 70's by Saturday, strange, strange weather.
So all in all it was a wonderful Christmas.


  1. I always want to 'undecorate' as soon as Boxing Day is past but I make myself wait until New Year's Day when there is a clean sweep right through the house and I enjoy the fresh, uncluttered look that appears.

  2. I'm not much of a holiday person and have come to think that getting things back to normal quickly is a good thing. Maybe I enjoy the holiday more in retrospect.
    Your weather sounds as unsettled as ours in KY.


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