Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Tree


Our tree is up!  We brought it home Tuesday but I was too tired to start on it.  And Lord was it heavy!  I promised Mac I'd pick out a smaller one this year and I did, but unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I got a fuller one, and it weighed a ton.  Mac had to trim the bottom, cutting off about a 6 inch piece and that piece alone I swear weighed nearly 5 lbs.
It took the two of us to drag, and I do mean drag not carry, it up the stairs and into the living room.  Then we put it in its holder and Mac tied it to the wall because we always worry about the cat climbing it and tipping it over.  Miss Kitty has been wonderful, sniffing the tree, bringing her friend Tail out to see it and unless something is hanging real low never bothering the ornaments.  But we've had cats in the past who've shot straight up the tree without regard to life or limb, so we tie the tree up.
Then began a more than hour's search for the Christmas tree lights.  We keep all of our Christmas stuff in mislabeled plastic tubs in the attic, all mislabeled except for the lights that is, they're always in the same small, green tub.  Except that the tub wasn't there, nor was it in any of the closets, the other attics or any place else that we could think of.  I was just about to head out to Ace to buy some new ones because the only way we ever find anything we've misplaced is to replace it, when I heard Mac shout that he'd found them.  And where were they, well they were behind a chair in the pub with a stack of music books on them.  Why were they there?  Who knows and of course neither of us remember putting them there.
But with lights in hand and Miss Kitty supervising I got the tree done.  Today I started on the rest of the house and hopefully it will be done before New Years.

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  1. The tree looks lovely. Hope to see the rest of the decorations when they're up. I've yet to start ours.


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