Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Well it's New Year's Eve and time for me to look back on last year's resolutions and get started on my new ones for the new year.
Last year I resolved to:  Write my last will and testament
                                       Lose weight
                                       Clean my desk and keep it clean
                                       Quit reading the news
                                       Travel more
                                       Start looking into our family history

I really made an effort and I didn't do too badly on these resolutions.

I wrote mine and Mac's wills,  got them notarized and put in the safe deposit box,  it was depressing but necessary.  The cat's not going to be as wealthy as she'd hope, but she'll do alright.

My desk was cleaned and has for the most part stayed that way,  you can see the surface, or at least part of the surface, most of the time,  the only thing lost on it this year was a tax notice, not one I had to pay, just one they sent me telling me how much they were over-taxing me.  I went into the county offices and got another copy of that and plan on filing an appeal as soon as I can after the first of the year.  So I hope to continue keeping my desk oranganized.

As I promised I quit reading the news,  or at least most of it, I still read headlines, and they still raise my blood pressure, but they're much more forgettable.

We definitely traveled more this year going to the Florida Keys in February, to Hilton Head Island and St. Simon Island in the spring, to Tybee Island, to Maryland to see our daughter in May, to England in September, to the Georgia mountains in October and back to Maryland to see our daughter again in November.  We plan on keeping the traveling up with a trip to the Everglades planned for February, and we're starting to mutter about a trip to Yellowstone in the fall , and of course we'll be going to see our daughter again this spring.

As far as the family history goes I've made a lot of progress with parts of my family, particularly the paternal line, but less with Mac's, though I now have copies of ship registers and immigration papers for both sides of his family.  I plan to do more research this year, get it organized and share it with both of our families.

As to the losing weight, which you'll notice I haven't mentioned till now, I didn't, lose that is, in fact I gained, but that's going to change.  I don't mind being round,  round is comfortable, but I feel my weight is really starting to  drag me down so it's time to do something about it, besides talk about it.  I have a plan and I'll talk about it more tomorrow when I write about my new resolutions.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to one and all.

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  1. Quit reading the news. What a delightful resolution! I'll think about that one for 2011.


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