Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I've been looking at all the pictures from England, snow everywhere, and very pretty too, very pretty that is if you're just looking at the pictures of it,  not trying to cope with it.  I'm not a winter person and probably never will be, I chill too easily.
I was born in sunny California and winter was just another day, and then  we moved to Kansas City, Missouri when I was around 3.  Having only known warm climes I went out to play in the Missouri winter.  I soon went back in and covered my hands with bandaids, I thought I had hurt them, I had a lot to learn about winter!  From Missouri we moved to Oklahoma another state with cold winters, and then when I was 7 we moved back to California and I quickly forgot what winter could be like.
When Mac and I were sent to Germany the first time my Mother bought me a winter coat because I didn't own one, a jacket was all I ever wore during the California winter.  I liked Germany and didn't mind the winter too much, it was the cold summers I didn't like, in fact the only way I could tell summer from winter was that winter had snow.
It was when we were sent to Colorado that I really learned what winter could be like.  Most of the time the weather  was beautiful, deep blue skies, clear air (we lived in Colorado Springs, not Denver) and a dry winter.  And then one day, with little warning a huge storm hit, Mac was one the few in our neighborhood to make it home, others were taken in by strangers.  We were snowed in for 3 days, snow blew into out attic space and collapsed the ceiling in one of our bedrooms and ruined all the ceilings in the upper story.  We had drifts of snow that covered our fence and bent it down, snow came up to the deck on the second story.  It was very scary.  Up until then I had liked Colorado, after that I was ready to move on!
So here I sit in Coastal Georgia, the temperature is in the 50's, clear skies, no wind and I'm hoping this is as much of winter as I'll have to deal with this year!  And to those of you who have to cope with winter, God Bless You!


  1. You're dead right about it being better sitting and looking at pictures of it rather than actually living the reality. I've quite definitely had enough of it now but we've a long way to go yet I fear.

  2. Like Rowan, I've had enough of it now. Today, was milder - a whole 5 degrees centigrade so the snow has started to melt. Just very slushy.

  3. An interesting lesson on American geography, I'm very ignorant of it.
    Where in Germany were you?
    How fortunate Mac made it back that time, it sounds very scary.

  4. Lynne, we lived in Bad Kreuznach, Darmstadt and Stuttgart.


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