Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Speechless, Literally

I have laryngitis.  I suffer from seasonal allergies and sometimes they get completely out of control and I have to take medication, something I always hesitate to do because just as sure as God made little green apples if I take Allegra it will dry out my vocal cords and I will lose my voice.  And here I am, voiceless.
Of course I'm better off than in the olden days, you know pre-facebook and cell phones, I can Blog, I can e-mail, I can Tweet on Twitter.  What I can't do is text because I refuse to use a phone to sent text messages, I don't even have text service on my phone.
But to get back to my main problem, I'm carrying a pen in my pocket to write notes, I'm e-mailing and obviously I'm Blogging, but I miss my voice, don't know if Mac does, but I do and Miss Kitty keeps giving me strange looks.  I can get sounds out, but it's hard and wears me out if I do it very much.  So I'm stuck, I can keep taking my Allegra and have no voice or I can stop the Allegra, get my voice back and spend the day, and worse the night, coughing my head off.  So I guess I'll head into the kitchen and take a pill, who needs a voice in this electronic age anyway.


  1. Poor you! Hope you are better soon, meantime I think I'd rather have no voice than a bad cough - better keep taking the pills!


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