Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiviing and Beyond

Thanksgiving dinner in Annapolis
After dessert
We went to visit our daughter for Thanksgiving and I still feel stuffed!  Her kitchen is tiny so I had her make reservations at a place in Annapolis, MD, a buffet, which tells you right away that we ate too much.  Among other things they were serving: roast beef, ham, turkey, lamb, shrimp 3 different ways, salmon 2 different ways,  crawfish, crab balls, meat pies, macaroni and cheese, more veggies than I can name, mashed potatoes, a dozen different breads, soups, salads, and a dessert bar.  It's only saving grace was that because it was an all you can eat place you couldn't take anything home with you.
Honeybee Diner
On Friday we went to the Honey Bee a great little diner straight out of the 50's  and had massive breakfasts before heading off to see the latest Harry Potter movie,  which we all enjoyed, tickets were reasonable, popcorn and cokes were not!
Saturday we went into DC to visit the National Museum, they were having an exhibit of Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian photography, it was very good, particularly the photos, I had no idea that photographs from the 1850's could be so sharp and detailed.  Also enjoyed the paintings, I've always liked Pre-Raphaelite painting, but I wish there had been a few more artists represented, it was mainly Milais and Rossetti.
From there we flew down the cold streets to a favorite place of our daughters called "Teaism".  After getting over the shock that they didn't serve coffee, (yes I know it's a tea place, but they served hot chocolate, so there should have been coffee) we have large cups of black tea and chocolate cookies.
Then back to the National for an exhibit of small French Impressionist paintings which we loved, loved, loved.
Afterwards we fought through the crowds to visit  a really strange exhibit of Guiseppe Arcimboldo's works.  They are oil paintings of heads made out of animals, food, plants, books etc.  They were incredible, and even more incredible when you realize they were painted in the 1500's.  Several had mirrors below them so you could see that upside down they were another painting entirely.  All I can say is WOW!
Outside the exhibit was a giant scultpure by Phillip Haas done in homage to Arimboldo's Winter.
Dashing out of the museum we hurried off on the Metro to meet friends we're known in Turkey, our daughter had found us a Moroccan restaurant and the food is very similar to Turkish so it was another feast.
After dinner we went in search of coffee for I can't drink Turkish coffee, our friend Dave who I think lives on coffee, put up his antenna and immediately found a coffee shop where we spent another lovely hour or so.

Too soon Sunday morning came and we had to fly home.  It was a wonderful visit, can't wait for her to get here for Christmas!


  1. What a fun Thanksgiving! And I thought WE had alot of food for thanksgiving! You beat us... but you can still check out the list on our page. I love that your daughter hosted. How lovely to spread tradition!

  2. Sounds like a really great THanksgiving and you certainly packed a lot in. I've only been to Washington DC once for a day on the way down to Virginia and I loved it. The Air and Space Museum was fantastic and so was the Holocaust Museum in a different way.Since we were there I believe they've opened a Museum all about the Native American peoples which I would really love to see.

  3. Rowan, we'd never been to DC until our daughter moved there about 12 years ago. We love the museums, haven't been to the native American one in awhile. The Spy Museum was fun, love the Air and Space Museum and want to revisit the American History one now that it has reopened.


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