Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrap, Wrap, Wrapping

I've headed off to the warmest corner of our house,  up in the sunny,  white bedroom to start wrapping Christmas presents.  I know that if I were organized as some of my friends are I'd wrap them as I buy them, but I'm not, organized that is, so they're not, wrapped that is.  I just drag everything into this one room and have a marathon, or two, of wrapping.  Today Miss Kitty came to help, I think.  I'm not through yet but I can see the floor again and I couldn't for awhile.
I'm Feeling Very Helpful-snicker, snicker


  1. I find if I wrap as I buy or too early I can't remember what I bought and panic! I also quite enjoy a wrapfest. A bit of Christmas music and wine and off I go. Love the pile growing for under the tree.

    (Have you ticked the auto size box in the banner photo design area? The top photo is so large it has shrunk the rest of the blog, I can hardly read it on the iPad it's so small.)

  2. Hadn't, but wondered why the photo was so large, husband has fixed it for now, we hope.



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