Monday, February 7, 2011

The Dark At The Top of the Stairs

When you look up the stairs to the landing in our house  usually all you see is dark (my flash made it look brighter than it is, trust me it's dark), there are no windows and the ledge that use to let in some light is covered up with a painting.  Why cover up the only light source you ask, well we have a cat, a cat who sleeps so soundly she's been known to fall off from where she's sleeping.  And though we'd try to discourage her from sleeping on the ledge she persisted and one night fell off, not to the short landing side but rather about 20 feet down to the livingroom.  She bit through her lip and hurt her lower back, thought thank goodness not badly.  But after more attempts to keep her off the ledge Mac mounted a painting there so she can't lay there, and as a result we have an even darker landing.
To make matters worse the people who constructed this house probably took one gallon of white paint, watered it down and then sprayed the whole house white, which means the paint is dingy looking.  Which brings us back to today.  We promised ourselves that the next rainy day we'd start on the painting upstairs.  The landing, the 2 sides of the the Jack and Jill bathroom and the third bedroom all need painting.  In addition we're ripping the carpet out of the 2 bathrooms and replacing it with tile.  Don't contractors know that carpet in the bathroom is a no-no?  I can just hear the homebuyers from HGTV saying, "Oh no, I can't buy this house there's carpeting in the bathroom."  So the tile has been bought and the carpet is being pulled out.  In addition to that we're putting in granite counter tops, feeling cheap though so we're probably going in use granite tile.  Though there's a granite place not too far from here that sells slab remnants, don't you just love the idea of buying a leftover yard of granite?  So we're going to price granite there too.
Bathroom 2
Today we painted the landing and it looks so much brighter now.  Thursday, the next rain day we'll probably start on the bathrooms.

Bathroom 1
The cat was a lot of help on this job and we'd recommend her to anyone who wants their newly painted walls topped off with cat hair.


  1. "The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs" would be a perfect title for a gothic sort of mystery--it would draw me right in!
    I hear you about flat white paint, carpet in bathrooms! We had to "do over" all of that in our KY house.
    I also understand completely about sacrificing your light source in favor of the cat's safety. We have a dear old cat who is inclined to fall off things--she gets so relaxed sleeping that she plops like an over ripe fruit onto the floor.
    The repainting will be worth the effort--it just isn't fun while its happening!

  2. Decorating isn't my favourite sport but the results are good. Carpet in bathrooms definitely isn't a good idea especially if there are young children around.
    I'm glad that Mac put the picture on the ledge, that's an awful long way for a cat to fall, so glad that she didn't hurt herself too badly.

  3. Well done. Decorating can be tedious, it's all the preparation I don't like. I shall be joining you as I'm halfway through painting the hall before tackling the shower room. It was all done very quickly as we moved into the house and now needs doing 'properly!' I'm sure your freshly painted landing looks lovely and the cat hairs won't notice!


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