Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Driving down Abercorn Street to Savannah
Had to go to Savannah for a doctor's appointment yesterday so we decided to visit downtown, and to slip into a couple of antique shops.  Well I'll admit it's been awhile since we'd been to any of the local antique stores and boy did we have sticker shock!  I was looking for some vintage tea cups to make candles in, I'd seen some on etsy and thought I'd make my own.  Well I don't know about you but $22-$28 for a simple cup and saucer seems mighty high to me.  I finally found a couple of "reasonably" priced ones and when I'm in a crafty mood I'll melt the wax and make the candles.  I have a number of cup and saucer sets of my own but I wanted to try the process out before I used my own.

Johnson Square

Wright Square

Julia Gordon Low Founder of Girl Scouts
Birth Place

Did a bit of street walking in Savannah and took some pictures as we walked through the squares.  Savannah is laid out in squares, there were 24 at one time but a couple were "lost".  We walked through Johnson Square, named after a South Carolina governor and has a statue of Nathaniel Greene a Revolutionary War General, Wright Square that has the grave of Tomochichi a Creek Indian chief who helped the early settlers in Savannah and on to Chippiwa Square.  The trees are just starting to bloom, by April the squares will be a riot of color, and even more full of tourists than they were yesterday.  I love Savannah, it is the such a quintessential  southern city, full of old homes, live oaks, Spanish Moss and friendly people, to say nothing of the wonderful food.

Walk along Bay Street


  1. I would absolutely love to visit Savannah, in fact I'd like to see a lot more of this part of the US than my one short visit allowed - Williamsburg and Jamestown are the only places I've had chance to see. Those lovely Southern plantation houses are so redolent of a lifestyle I'd love - we toured one though I can't remember its name without going up in the loft and ferreting round for the guidebook. More photos of the elegant South please:)

  2. Will try, Savannah has the best preserved historical district in the U.S., not many plantations around here though have to go inland.

  3. Thanks for popping over to mine. Fantastic photos. Gone with the Wind springs to mind. Is that too much of a cliche!? :)

  4. Hadriana, it is very Gone With Windish down here.


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