Monday, February 21, 2011

Kite Weather

It's sunny, warm (in the 70's) and breezy so Mac decided it was time to check out the miniature kite he had given me for Christmas.  I love kites, always have.  I love the simplicity and complexity of them.  When I was a teacher I would always teach a unit on the aerodynamics of kite flying and then we'd make kites and go fly them.
Today's kite flight, despite the breezy conditions, wasn't too successful, the kite didn't fly so much as it plummeted.  Don't know if there wasn't enough wind, the tail was too long or the running speed of the operator was the problem, probably the latter.
I gave Mac a pair of miniature helicopters for Christmas so that will our next flying adventure!


  1. How wonderful it must be to fly a kite ! I have often thought of doing so however, I very much like the idea of the helicopters and I presume that they are radio controlled and that too I would like to do, providing it didn't frighten my neighbours cows :)

  2. DH and my boys used to fly kites when they were young but I confess it's never appealed much to me. They had fun though.


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