Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie News

Jim Caviezel
If you like to watch movies being made they're working on one in Savannah.  They started filming a week or so  ago and will be filming for another 3 weeks.  The movie is titled, appropriately enough, Savannah, and it stars Jim Caviezil.  They're filming all over the historic district, at the Roundhouse (think trains) and out at the Effingham County Court House and some roads are blocked off during filming  which explains why part of Abercorn was closed off when we went downtown this last week.
The movie takes place around 1900 and is about the relationship between Jim Caviezil's character and that of a former slave and is based on actual local characters.
Another movie is slated to begin filming in April, haven't heard what i is yet,  and ABC Family just finished a movie made for tv called "Always and Forever".
Many local people are used as extras in these movies but  I'm just too lazy to even go and watch them filming. LOL
This site  (click on movies/books)
 has a list of movies made in Savannah through 2010, but does not include the movie James McAvoy The Conspirator made last year or X-Men First Class that just finished filming in Brunswick. about 40 miles from here.

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