Saturday, February 12, 2011

Curbside Shopping

Ever since we moved to the south I've been threatening, in a nice way, to drag Mac to High Point, North Carolina.  That's where most of the wood furniture made in the United States is made, tons of factories and showrooms.  They have a huge furniture expo twice a  year that attracts more than 100,000 venders..  Every time I start thinking about a new piece of furniture I tell him we ought to borrow a truck and drive up there because the prices are so much cheaper.
Well for several months I've been muttering that we need a game table to go in the pub upstairs and so I've been pricing them online.  Those I like run from $250-$600, more than I want to pay.
Today while I was grumbling around Mac came and got me and told me there was a huge furniture truck outside from High Point, North Carolina and they were selling furniture.  I went to take a look at their catalogue,  telling the man I was interested in a coffee table and a game table.  I didn't care for the looks of the coffee table they had, but I loved the game table hardly daring to ask the price, and I couldn't believe his answer, $108, that's less than half of any price I'd seen online, so I said yes, ran back inside gave a description of the table and found several examples of it with a list price of $350 and a discounted price of $278.  Oh was I happy.  The table is cherrywood and just gorgeous.  They unpacked it from the truck and I asked if this was their first trip to our area, they said no,  they came fairly regularly, so I said we'd love to see them the next time they come down.  Made my day!


  1. Love your table, the wood is a beautiful colour.

  2. What a beautiful table - I can see why you were so pleased with it.


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