Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

It's Sunday, the sun is shining and I'm feeling very happy.  My younger sister has been in the hospital for more than 2 weeks with pneumonia, but it looks like she's finally going to get to come home.  I've really been worried about her, she's a smoker and her lungs just aren't worth a darn/    So she's had 2 weeks of ICU and I think it has scared her into quitting smoking, at least I hope so.  I know it's not easy, Mac and I quit nearly 30 years ago, and I've bugged both my sisters for years to quit, maybe this will finally do it.
In other Sunday "news" my carrots are planted even though the packet said not to do it till March.  Well the long term forecast is for our weather to stay in the high 60's and low 70's through the beginning of March so I felt pretty safe putting them in.  I would say no rabbits need apply except we don't have any rabbits out here, every other kind of wild life, but no rabbits.
We also transplanted the Hydrangea that Mac gave me for Valentine's Day and the Primula I had put in a window, both were looking rather unhappy.
We caught our cat lounging in the sun this morning and had to take a picture of her.  My Mother-in-Law always said that if she could be reincarnated that she'd like to come back as one of my cats, they always look so contented.  So whenever I catch my cat looking like this I hope that there's a bit of my MOL there too.


  1. Sorry to hear that your sister has been so ill, it must be such a relief to know that she's improving and should soon be home. That's a lovely photo of your cat who certainly does look comfortable:)

  2. Thanks Rowan, it's a relief to know she's getting better.


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