Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Ready For Valentine's Day

Almost ready for Valentine's Day or at least my table is, covered in every Valentine Critter I own.  I didn't collect stuffed animals as a child, we were poor, they were expensive and by the time they were cheap I was grown.  But Mac has made a point through the years of giving me many things I never had as a child but wanted , like a bike, an electric train and of course stuffed animals.
It has been a semi-gloomy week.  On the rainy days we painted the landing and the two sides to the bathroom and they look so much better.  Now with that mess cleared I need to get back to work on some Valentine projects.
After that he weather man has promised us 6 days of sunshine with temperatures up in the 60's to near 70, so I will be out in the garden.  I got broccoli planted and I need to get my lettuce going  and finish clearing my herb bed.

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