Friday, February 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Invitation

How sad, neither I nor the Obamas have received an invitation to the royal wedding.  I can't understand it.  I visit England frequently, spending lavishly and in my own way supporting the British economy, doesn't that entitle me to an invite?
As for the Obamas, their last visit may have been less than up to royal etiquette standards (doesn't Michelle know you don't lay hands on the Queen?),  but surely people of such importance and so photogenic should have been included.  It's a sad day for the presidency, maybe being on the cover of GQ again will cheer him up, and she can get another $800 pair of boots to garden in.
As for me I'll just have to visit somewhere else from now on, I know when I'm not appreciated.


  1. Oh dear! And I'm British and I haven't been invited either! They're such a young couple they obviously weren't concentrating when they made their wedding guest list!

  2. I think my invitation must have got lost in the mail as it seems that I shan't be needing a new outfit in April either:)

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