Monday, October 10, 2011

Waiting to Plant

Too Pretty to Go Outside

Went this weekend to buy chrysanthemums and pansies to add some color to my garden now that I've pulled most, but not all the weeds, out.    Also picked up some more lettuce, red leaf this time to go with the romaine and butter lettuce I'd already planted.  Well Mother Nature intervened, we're having more rain, and wind, than we've had in months.  So far more than 2 inches has fallen and more is expected and my garden is now a bog.  Oh well, I could watch tv but the wind plays havoc with our satellite dish and the picture just goes in and out driving me crazy; they're coming some time this week to move it, so that's out.  We finally hung the curtains I bought back at the beginning of summer,  so that's done.  Guess I'll go upstairs and start looking at Christmas presents I need to start work on.  Or, like a little kid, I could just press my nose against the window and sing, "Rain, rain, go away, I really want to plant today."

Pretty in Yellow and Gold

Waiting For the Georgian Sun

My Boggy Garden

My Poor Romain


  1. Goodness! It sounds like where I live!

  2. Yes, it does look a trifle damp in your garden:) It's wet here too but more a persistent British drizzle than a downpour. You've given me the idea now of going to buy some chrysnathemums in pots to put near the back gate and the front door. That's this afternoon sorted then - hope you find something to do as well.

  3. Oh no! Don't look at the garden,and cheer yourself up with thoughts of Christmas! :0)


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