Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Decorating

Pillows covered for Autumn

I grabbed the 2 pillows off the couch today and headed upstairs with them  to make new covers for them so they would look more autumnal.  As I was heading upstairs Mac asked where I was going with the pillows and I explained what I was up to.  He replied, " As long as they're back on the couch for lunch."  Now I know that sounds strange, what do pillows have to do with lunch, but the truth is, though we have a nice dining room table and a kitchen table, the only place we eat is on the couch in the family room, with our noses in a book that's propped up on a pillow.  I'll admit that both the tables we have  are always covered in "stuff", but we wouldn't eat there if they were empty, just too comfy on that couch. LOL

Pillow for summer

Dining Room Table

Kitchen Table

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  1. Your tables look quite proper in the photos, but it does make me feel better to read that other people pile things there and then eat elswhere with a book!


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