Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laundry Room

My laundry room is so boring.  Laundry is bad enough without having to do it in such an uninspiring place.  I gave it a good cleaning the other day, took out all the dead plants, swept up the dead leaves, cleaned out the cupboards so I could actually put some laundry related material in there, sucked all the dust bunnies I could find out, and yet the room is just blah!
I need to paint it, but I'm not sure what color, and because painting a laundry room involves moving the washer and dryer I want to get the color right the first time.  Actually what I want is for Sarah Richardson from HGTV to come in and do the room.  I love her work, even when what she's doing is not my style I can appreciate what she's doing.
I've watched all of her shows:
Design Inc.
Sarah's House 1,2 and 3
Sarah's Cottage
Design 101
If I had the money I'd have her and Tommy in here tomorrow to do something with that room.

One of Sarah's Laundry Rooms

I'm considering bead board along the one long wall done in a pastelly blue with a line of glass tile above it and then soft yellow above.  That's today's thought, last week I was considering painting the wall with the window red and putting in French style black and white checked cafe curtains.  No telling what I'll end up with.


  1. I think your laundry room looks very nice and functional as it is. Light and sunny, and I particularly like the painting of the green chair on the wall - is it one your husband painted?

  2. In order to have a full size washer and dryer in this little 80's ranch style house, we had to install them in the basement--so its functional, but certainly not attractive. In the houses J. built laundry area was usually combined with a storage area for coats, boots, pet supplies---nice--but somehow it was usually untidy. I like the window in your laundry room.

  3. Thank you both for your comments, I like the window too, the sun it provides is the rooms only redeeming feature.
    The painting of the chair is a watercolor that I painted.

  4. Doesn't look so boring to me... I don't even have a washer of my own ;-)


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