Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a Surprise!

Lilacs don't grow in coastal Georgia, no, let me rephrase that.  Lilacs don't bloom in coastal Georgia.  I've had a lilac, a plant I adore, here in my garden for about 7 years, but it doesn't bloom, it just grows.  I smile at it, talk to it, tell it how pretty it would be if it bloomed, but it just stays a leafy green.  That is until this week.  For some reason, known only to the lilac, it decided that though it shouldn't, and all the books say it won't, in the middle of October my lilac has sent forth a tiny bloom.  Not very big, rather an odd color, but very lilac in smell, I'm pleased.

Near it my Ginger Lilies are blooming, perhaps the lilac decided the lily was a show-off and needed to be put in its place.  But for whatever reason I'm thrilled, I walk by a couple of times a day and sniff it.  Well done lilac, keep up the good work.


  1. What a delightful surprise. The ginger lily is spectacular.

    Gardens never cease to amaze


  2. Your lilac flower is beautiful and it was worth the wait. Enjoy it while you can and hopefully it will flower again next year, now it's got the hang of it!
    Hi, Mac n' Janet, just popped over to say thank you for becoming followers of my humble blog. I hope you enjoy your visits. I've enjoyed visiting here and looking at your lovely garden and house. You live in a gorgeous area.
    Love from Mum


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