Thursday, March 1, 2012


Another day, another month.  Very warm and gloomy here today, highs around 80, we broke a record yesterday 84.  Too warm, too early.  I've been pulling weeds in the garden and Mac's going to have to get the horse linament out, boy am I out of shape.
I was playing some Gilbert and Sullivan yesterday, a medley, and I got to the one about "...poor, little Buttercup..." and visions of Bugs Bunny flashed through my head.  I'm sure I heard him sing that one in a cartoon one day.  Now of course I can't get the song, or the image, out of my head.


  1. I wonder why a tune and lyrics can get so easily lodged in our heads? If its words that we need to remember, they're gone!

  2. That tune in the head thing drives me crazy! We have rain forecast all weekend. :0(


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