Monday, March 26, 2012

How Dusty Can It Be?

Well let me put it this way, if I had a maid I'd have to fire her, I'm sure she wouldn't have lasted a day at Downton Abbey.  Unfortunately I don't have a maid and the only person I can fire is myself.  To prevent that from happening I had the underfootman, also known as Mac, carry in the ladder and take everything off the china cabinet and give it a good cleaning.  Bless his heart, he even washed the plates while I cleaned the shelves, and then he put it all back up for me.
There are two more cabinets around the house that need the same job done on them, but there's some baseboards in the family room who say they're next in line.

Literally can't remember the last time it was dusted.

Could Hardly See Through the Glass

Seriously Dusty


  1. I keep looking at my china cabinet and thinking it's time I took everything out and gave everything a good clean!

  2. What a pretty wall color you have.

  3. I usually need a chisel to dust. :)


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