Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Better Than Being With Your Family!

Coit Tower in the rain
We flew out to San Francisco last week  to spend a few days with our extended family, and especially with Mac's brother and sister-in-law.  We're from the San Francisco Bay area and we hadn't  been back since we moved to Georgia nearly 9 years ago.  So it was more than time for us to go.
Had a great time staying with Mac's brother and sister-in-law.  George had picked us up at the airport, like us he is retired, and he knew we'd need to stretch our legs,  so took us for a couple of miles walk around a lake near where they live, then, of course, it was time for our favorite hot dog at Caspers.
You'll soon notice a trend in this Blog, when we travel, and particularly when we meet up with family, we eat!
Laura and George (BIL and SIL) had  done a ton of remodeling in their house since we'd  left and I was very impressed with their new kitchen and bathrooms, just gorgeous!  Granite counters, slate floors, stainless steel appliances, wine refrigerator, wow!
Is this not an absolutely gorgeous kitchen?
Laura was off work Friday so they took us into San Francisco for the day and though the weather was atrocious we had a good time, starting out at the  Hyatt Regency (where they filmed the movie High Anxiety), then walking along the Embarcadero and through the indoor shopping area,  and up to Columbus Street where all the great Italian restaurants are.  We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, The Stinking Rose, where everything is made with garlic, even dessert.  No vampires working there!  Mac started with mussels and the rest of us with salads, then it was Lamb Shank with Fava Beans for him, rabbit for me, and pastas for the inlaws.

Then another cross town walk, this time through China Town, and back to Market Street to the Four Seasons for coffee and dessert.  Bread pudding made with crossiants for George and Laura, lemon tart with blackberries for Mac and me.  San Francisco is such a walkable city, if the weather had been better we probably have made it down to Fisherman' Wharf.  But after dessert it was time to ride BART home.


Laura and George

The Family
On Saturday we met up with more of Mac's extended family for a family feast at our absolute favorite restaurant, Bancheros.  I won't tell you what everyone had, but every meal has the same sides.  For a party our size they bring 2 big bowls of soup, then 2 big salads, then 2 plates  of hor  dourves, followed by plates of spaghetti and raviolis.  Of course there are loaves of sour dough and garlic bread scattered over the table.  Dessert was your choice of spomoni, orange sherbet or vanilla ice cream.  This is all included in the price of your meal.  We were all stuffed after eating, but it had been hard talking up and down the long table so we retired to the bar and spread out so everyone could talk.  It was so good seeing everyone again, we will have to go back sooner.


  1. What a wonderful trip!
    As a travel agent, I used to talk people into going to San Francisco, and they always came back to thank me for suggesting it to them!

  2. Good job you did all that walking with all that delicious food...I have never heard of a restaurant where EVERYTHING was made with garlic!!

  3. I would love that garlicky restaurant. Funny, I just made lamb shanks yesterday - with 12 cloves of garlic!

    San Francisco looks like a wonderful place. I've only been there once, briefly, as a child, but I'd love to go back. When we watch Monk on DVD we always remark on the beauty of the area.

    Family and food are a natural combo.

  4. How great to see extended family especially after such a long time. George and Mac are very alike aren't they?


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