Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meanwhile in the Garden ...

The gardner is getting eaten alive by noseeums, even though she sprayed every uncovered inch.  They must be starving, they were even crawling up her nose!  The downside of a mild winter is that the local insect population doesn't freeze and when spring comes, and it has come here, they're out in force.
The bunny in the picture Mac got me for Christmas and he's been waiting for me to get off the couch and come  outside to do some gardening.  The weather has been very garden friendly lately so I've been weeding like crazy, one bed down and too many more to go.
In between weeding I've been putting in more bulbs, Gladiolas, pink Day Lilies and someArum Lilies.  We need to bed out the lettuce we have in the greenhouse before it gets any warmer and I need to replace some of the herbs in my Cadfael bed (I should be so lucky to have an herb garden like him).  My rosemary is fine, getting bigger each year, I'm trying to grow it into a tree, but my sage is just sad and leggy.  All of my scented geraniums died so I need to replace them too.

Beaver Lodge is Behind Him
Talking to one of our neighbors this week, he lives down by the bridge where the beavers have built a lodge, and he said the beaver has come out twice and attacked the alligator who lives near there.  Today when we were on the bridge we saw the alligator laying in front of the lodge, if he's looking to have a beaver burrito I think he may have a fight on his hands, paws, claws.  That was the small alligator, the larger was sunbathing with a turtle in our next door neighbor's yard.


  1. Goodness. What a lot of wildlife you have.

  2. In answer to your question, by the way, no, we've met our future DIL's parents quite a few times.

  3. A Cadfael garden! Wow. Do you solve herbal crimes as well?

    How nice to be about to plant out lettuce.

  4. I can't even find my glasses half the time let alone solve a mystery.


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