Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stormy Weather

The weather has not been kind the last few days, and my heart goes out to those who have been hit hard by the storms.  I can not even imagine the devastation of returning to what had been your home and finding nothing.  This year, as last year, we will be making donations to help these people out.
Watching the weather on CNN the weather man, when asked why we're seeing this kind of weather so early in the year, said that we'd had such a mild winter that basically we'd had no winter and spring, for all intents and purposes had begun back in January, and though the calendar says early March, that in reality we're deep into spring and summer may not be far behind.  Lord help us all.
We had over 100 days of 90+ degree weather last year and if we're in for that again I guess I better start saving money to pay for air conditioning.

We've been lucky so far and haven't had any of the bad weather seen by the rest of the southeast, but today they say we're in for thundershowers and up to 2 inches of rain.  Though, again, they say most of the really bad weather should wear itself out before getting here.  I hope they're right.

Several counties south and west of us are already under a tornado watch and our skies have clouded up since we got up.  We did our walk early to beat the storms which are predicted to reach the Savannah area around noon.  So we're going to batten down the hatches and see what happens.


  1. Oh, I hate to see a weather map looking like that. It is heartbreaking and horrible. I hope the storms tail away before arriving with you.

  2. Thought you might like to see the comment I left on Kay's blog posting before I even came over here.

    "We folk in calm parts of the world need every reminder we get of the perils that other people live with every day of their lives. Until GB spent half each year in New Zealand I hadn't realised how frequent earthquakes are there and I hadn't realised you and Mac n'Janet were in a tornado area. How lucky I am. "

  3. Oh, yes, those awful storms have been on the news. My heart goes out to the poor people involved.


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