Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Front-side of fence
Back-side of fence, tubs of veggies
Spring, as they say, has sprung.  Returning home from California we drove up to our house to see our fence draped in Wisteria.  To me there is nothing that says spring time in the South more than Wisteria, love the soft lavender color and the smell.
We've had a busy couple of days planting Dianthus all over the place, bedding out lettuce plants, planting more onions, potatoes and garlic and pulling out more weeds.  In my herb/veggie bed I've replaced one of my leggy sages, added a dill plant, lemon balm, Greek thyme  and a scented geranium.  The strawberries are flowering and the rosemary is bigger than ever, but still doesn't look very treelike.
I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and will probably sneeze my head off the rest of the day.  It's supposed to be in the 80's all week so I guess winter is not only over, I'm not ever sure it even started.


  1. Glorious colour. I love dianthus, too. We're in the 80s right now which is very weird March weather for us (but delightfully warm).

  2. The wisteria is gorgeous! You've been busy in the garden, I ought to do some outdoor work too but not in the mood today. It's grey and chilly and much nicer indoors:)


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