Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A Big Thank You
Having gotten my new couch and mattress I needed to get rid of the old ones.  A friend thought he'd found a home for them, but that fell through.  So I called Goodwill and asked if they would take them and they said yes, if I'd bring them in because they don't do pickups anymore.  Well with a Miata and a Mazda 3 that wasn't likely to happen.
I asked them if they knew of anyone who would pick them up and they suggested the Salvation Army. That was my next call and they said yes they'd pick them up if I didn't mind waiting until October.  So glad that someone would come and get them I'd have waited till December.
They said they'd be here the 3rd of October between 9 and 12, and they were here shortly after 9.  I now have floor space in my livingroom and bedroom again.

I appreciate them coming out to take them away.  I donate to several charities, Salvation Army among others, and they'll be getting a nice donation from me to say "Thank you!".
Doing too Well to pick up Donations


  1. I always try and donate to the Salvation Army at least once a year. They work tirelessly for the homeless and needy.

  2. We always try to take our charity bags to the Salvation Army shop as they do so much to help the homeless and find missing persons. A couple of years ago we gave a hardly used single bed to the local British Heart Foundation furniture shop, not only did they collect it but when they had sold it they wrote a thank you letter telling us how much they had sold it for:)


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