Monday, October 8, 2012


It's Isabelle at In This Life fault, she showed the neat contents of her purse on Saturday and asked what was in ours.  So I emptied mine out on the couch and here it is.
I carry a black leather mini backpack as a purse, that sort of spreads the weight around and keeps my hands free.
Starting at the top left is a pamphlet and prescription for a shingles vaccine that our doctor would like us to have.  We're considering it, but we're not sure.
Next to that are 3 different types of lip balm, I have desperately dry skin, lips and eyes, so under the prescription are a couple of lipsticks, cover up sticks for the circles under my eyes and drops for my eyes. The medication I take for my glaucoma makes the circles look like I've been on a 3 day drunk so I always carry lots of cover up.
Next to that is my iphone in its little case .  I don't use it much and I guess Sari hangs out with the lipsticks talking girly stuff.
Next to that are Kleenexes, have I mentioned that I have allergies and spend my life sneezing my head off?
Below the Kleenexes is my brush, affectionately known as my broom because half the time neither Mac or I can remember the word brush---ain't old age grand!
Back at the top is my wallet.  It's fat, not because it has lots of money, but rather because it holds my check book that I never use in public, and if I had any sense I'd buy a wallet that didn't have space for a check book.  It drives me crazy when people in front of me in check out lines write checks, and it's always some old pooh about my age, never anyone young.
Below the wallet are Handiwipes, cause you just never know, my EPI pen, in case of bee sting, and a notebook that I make all my lists on.  It's an absolute essential cause without a list I'll never remember anything, with the list I should be able to remember half of the stuff on the list.  Below that is the spare key to my car, it's huge and has to have a whole zipper compartment of its own.
Back to the top are the 2 proofs of address I had to take to the DMV last week and I haven't managed to put them up yet.  The red and yellow book is a Spanish menu book I'm still carrying after our trip to Spain.
Below that is a small brown address book that's almost too small for me to read, a Cath Kidston address book that's a much better size, plus I love the cover,  and 3 pens because you know the first 2 aren't going to work.
My camera would be in there too but I had to use it to take the picture.
Not too bad, I try to clean it out fairly regularly so it isn't too heavy.
What's in your bag?


  1. What a hoot! Some of us carry the most amazing collection of useless junk, don't we? I admit to carrying a bottle of hand sanitiser, a bottle of drinking water, my phone, pad and pencil, three while linen hankies, four sets of keys, a cosmetic purse holding all essential medications together with a comb and pocket knife, a purse, and a card holder wallet. Sometimes this assortment is too heavy. For really quick sorties to the shop I remove some items. For flash night-time excursions I have an entirely different set of goodies. This exercise has been both revealing and enlightening. Hurrah!

  2. I think I wrote a post on this earlier in the year, so I'll spare you the list. But right now I also seem to have wads of pizza coupons and department store discount flyers, most of them way out of date. And a teaspoon has somehow appeared in my ziplock-bag-o-toiletries. :)

  3. Hello! I was lead to your blog by Monica (DawnTreader), who posted about handbags after she had commented on my handbag post from a couple of days ago :-)
    Looks like this is a topic we're all interested in to a certain extent.
    My sister is a big Cath Kidston fan, by the way; she does not have an address book yet... there's an idea for Christmas!


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