Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Gorgeous Day!

Fall in our Backyard
The weather has been perfect here, mid to high 70's.  Mac has been busy planting peas and beans in the garden and I went out to attack the weeds that have been laughing at me all summer.  I pulled until my eyes, nose and lungs formed a protest group and threatened to leave.
Inside I've been sewing, but they're Christmas projects so I can't show them.
As a reward I made myself chocolate chip muffins.  They won't last long because chocolate and I can't exist in the same house and I'll be forced to eat them.  Mac isn't much help, he'll take a bite or two and leave the rest.  I admire his restraint, but don't understand it.  Doesn't he know how good chocolate is for you?
Studies have shown that eating chocolate can:

Reduce body mass  (you should see my slim form---NOT)

Prevents blood clots and so helps prevent heart attacks  (I hope)

Improves numeracy  (so what happened to my math grades when I was in school?)

Can control coughs  (and yet when my allergies get bad I sound like the last act of Camille)

Can strengthen your brain ( I wish)

And will make you live longer

Now I don't know if all of this is true, but, damn, it does taste good!



  1. I would be happy to help polish off those muffins....

    And now I know why math was less than fun during my school years. I wasn't eating enough chocolate! :)

  2. they look great - I'm going to make a muffin version of the big cake I usually make to share with colleagues


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