Saturday, October 13, 2012

Enchanted Amore

The Meek House
As we drove down the road about a mile from our house we kept seeing signs saying "Enchanted"and pointing down a side road.
When we looked down the road we could see a ton of cars and trailers.  I told Mac that I thought they were making a film there, that's where the Meek house was and that's where they had filmed parts of the John Travolta film "The General's Daughter".  So I went online and sure enough that's what's going on.
The movie is Enchanted Amore: A Very Unusual Love Story and is the story of 2 grieving people, he has lost a child and she has lost her parents and been blinded in a car accident.  They meet in Italy and then return to his home where is family is not happy about his relationship with a blind woman.
Rusty Joiner
Nadine Vinzens

Haven't heard of any of the actors, the principal leads are Rusty Joiner and Nadine Vinzens.  Found a lot of information about the movie on IMDB (the Internet Movie Data Base) that always seems to know everything.
Kind of cool having a movie being made so close to home though.

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  1. The house reminds me of one in "Sweet Home Alabama" ... and it does sound like fun to have a movie being made in the neighbourhood.


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