Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

At first the prediction was that Sandy would stay out in the ocean, then they predicted she'd weaken and perhaps touch along the northern part of the US.
Well she missed us completely, one cloudy day and some wind that's all.  But unfortunately she's going to hit the mid-Atlantic states, affecting people from North Carolina to Massachusetts.  And right in the middle of that is Maryland where our daughter is.
Her job is having people stay at home and work from there for the next 2 days and that's good.
Talked to her on the phone earlier, she says it's very rainy, very windy, but she still has electricity.  She's stocked up on supplies, phone is charged, has batteries, non-perishable food, gallons of water  and is as prepared as she can be.  She doesn't seem to be overly concerned.
I'll worry till the darn thing is completely gone, and probably drive her crazy phoning and tweeting.

Just a quick note, it's Tuesday afternoon and daughter came through fine.


  1. That looks quite a storm. We are following it over here and get regular updates on the news. Hope your daughter stays safe - she sounds pretty organised and it's good she can work from home.

  2. The storm looks bad, my friend in NH says it's just very windy and wet there so far but the storm surge isn't due for a while.Trust that your daughter will be OK, she sounds as though she's well prepared.

  3. It must be so worrying for you, but it sounds as though your daughter is sensible and is prepared. My thoughts are with everyone over there.


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