Saturday, October 6, 2012


Mac has gotten our  display up for Halloween.  That's a black cat up to the left sitting on a pair of black wings.  Love this time of year, if we can get through today, which is forecast to be around 87, we have a lovely Canadian cold front coming that's supposed to drop our temperatures to the 70's with overnight lows in the 50's.  It's been a long time since it was that cool around here.  I'm all smiles.


  1. I love your display and your header pic too.

  2. Thanks, See if you can find the cat in the bicycle basket.

  3. You better believe I am ready for it to get cooler! Too bad we don't have any more Braves games in October! :-(

  4. I think the Canadian cold front is over us right now. Low of 28 tonight. My tomatoes are all tucked up in a double layer of tarps - can't let them freeze yet!

    Enjoy your cool weather. :)


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