Monday, October 15, 2012

Queen of Catalogues

It's that time of year.  Every company that makes a catalogue from catalogues for really large ladies to pet supplies to toys for kids and everything in between,  is absolutely convinced that I need one of their catalogues and so hundreds of trees are being sacrificed, when in truth I never order from catalogues.  I either shop in person or online.  If there were some where I could send these folks a message, like----Woodman, woodman, spare that tree, I would.
If you're having a sale or there's something I've bought from you in the past send me an email, I'll check you out.
I don't want your catalogue!  I feel terrible when I trash them.  I'd keep some of them and use them for craft projects but the house is full and can hold no more.  Enough!  Stop sending me  catalogues.


  1. 'tis the season for catalogues over here too and like you I may flick through them but if I see something I like I would try to find the nearest outlet or order on line. Too much paper comes through the letterbox promoting this and that and it just ends up in recycling - such a waste:)

  2. I know just what you mean! There are one or two that I actually look at and order from. You'd think that after sending a catalogue somewhere for several years without getting a single order they'd save themselves the cost of printing and postage by taking you off the mailing list.


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